Joe Hogan Workshop

Siobhan Sheehy, Charlotte Boxall, Anna Turnbull, Sheila Walton, Jacqueline Hepburn and Alan Winlow attended this workshop at Loch Na Fooey in beautiful Connemara in March 2013. It was unusually cold for Western Ireland and the waterfalls were frozen on the mountain sides when we arrived. The facilities were excellent with accommodation in two self-catering cottages adjacent to the simple workshop. We were glad to find that the latter was heated by a peat burning stove!
We had provided Joe with a list of items that we wanted to make during our stay and he had all of the willow prepared ready. Popular items were curly weave baskets, creels, scibs, bog wood baskets etc.
Joe Hogan is a kind and generous man and has a great depth of knowledge relating to making baskets and basketmaking in Ireland. He is an excellent teacher. We enjoyed an outstanding lunch each day at his home a short walk along the loch side. This workshop was a truly worthwhile experience. For further information see:
Images by Sheila Walton, Ruth Thompson and Alan Winlow

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