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Willow Harvesting at Chester Hope

Siobhan, Jane and I made short work of sorting the Bleu Bleu in the fine weather today and started cutting the Dicky Meadows. As you can see in the attached image, we have an impressive willow crop this year. The second image shows the range of sorted Bleu Bleu sizes minus the three foots. A few bundles of two and three-foot willow from last season are left in the storage shed. If anyone is interested in purchasing them, please get in touch with me.

Unfortunately, part of the access track to the site was washed out during the Storm Babet floods. (The river Coquet was running at 3 metres above normal levels at one point) The situation has been made worse by the wet weather and the heavy lorries involved in the construction of a new mobile mast close by, and access to the plot will be restricted until the work on the mast is complete and the track restored.


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Author Name: Alan
Publish Date: 17th November 2023

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