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Hello Basketeers, here's what Coquetdale basketmakers have produced at their re-start meeting.

We were all geared up for a Covid restart in a different hall, while the Hepple hall gets a new roof. Willow was already soaking when the rule of six struck and the hall management said only six in the hall at any one time and that included the tutor.

As a result, we met on consecutive days, Tuesday and Wednesday. During the lead up to the starting number of 13 kept changing, ultimately 4 people made baskets each day, the photos show some of the items made or worked on each day, including, the damson produce swop, on Tuesday. A Basketry meeting is so much more than willow weaving, all felt good to be back in the swing.

Author Details

Author Name: Charlotte Boxall
Publish Date: 18th September 2020

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