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End of the Willow Harvesting Season at Chester Hope

Arriving at the Chester Hope willow plot just after lunch, Siobhan and I were greeted by squally showers and strong gusts of wind. Fortunately, the weather improved during the afternoon, and in four hours, we had completed the cutting and sorting of the Brittany Green rods.

The sorted bundles, labelled and stacked outside the storage shelter, show the rich colours of this beautiful variety. This year, the crop of Brittany Green includes a good range of fine rods, with substantial quantities of three, four, five and six-foot-long rods.

So this season, the harvesting at Chester Hope was completed a little late due to the adverse weather, the state of the access track damaged by Storm Babette and the heavy construction vehicles involved in the construction of the nearby mobile mast.

Thank you to everyone who has assisted with the cutting and processing of the crop.

Author Details

Author Name: Alan
Publish Date: 21st February 2024

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